Support to Development of Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park Project

Hi-Tec Park

The Government of Bangladesh has declared ‘Vision 2021’ with a target to make Bangladesh as a middle income country by using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and by developing favorable business environment for Hi-Tech industries. Information Technology has been identified as the “thrust sector” for the economy of Bangladesh. Government has taken various initiatives to achieve the target. To fasten up the economic development of the country, Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority (BHTPA) was established in 2010. Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority (BHTPA) is responsible for the establishment and expansion along with management, operation and development of Hi-Tech Parks within the country. Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park, Jessore Software Technology (IT) Park, Sylhet Hi-Tech Park, Mohakhali IT Village, Janata Tower Software Technology Park are important and priority projects which would be the milestone for development of IT sector as well as industrialization of Bangladesh.

The Government of Bangladesh is implementing, the Private Sector Development Support Project (PSDSP) with the financial assistance from The World Bank and DFID. As a part of PSDSP Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority is implementing a project entitle “Support to Development of Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park/IT parks (SDKHTP)” under Information and Communication Technology Division for establishing Hi-Tech Park / IT parks particularly the Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park.

Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park is the first ever Hi-Tech Park in Bangladesh, located at Kaliakoir upazilla in Gazipur district. It is situated only 40 km. North from Dhaka city with 232 acres of area. Additional 100 acres of Government land is under process for inclusion with the Park. The park will be considered as specialized zone to attract investor especially foreign investors where they could utilize vast potential of young educated and technically skilled work force. Eventually country’s economy will be substantially augmented by increasing foreign exchange. Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority has taken a decision on 26 April 2012 to establish IT villages at Divisional levels of Bangladesh. In this regard, BHTPA has decided to build a Software Technology (IT Village) Park at Jessore, IT business incubator centre at Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET), Hi-Tech Park at Sylhet along with establishment of HTP / STP in other districts of the country. The World Bank has also agreed to expand their support in establishing a Multi Tenant Building (MTB) at Jessore, IT Business incubator at CUET and developing some basic facilities at Sylhet Hi-Tech Park under the SDKHTP.